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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find some common questions and answers about Integritas LLC® and the work we do:

Why use a provider-broker-catalyst for my human resources needs?

How do you know whom to call when you require human resources solutions to your business challenges? The marketplace is complex, and it is often difficult to determine who can best meet your objectives.

Integritas LLC® is a value-added integrator of service. We make life easier and better for you, because we are your one-stop service provider. Our more than 35 years of business and human resources experience enables us to fulfill a variety of roles. We can serve as your human resources department for a time, augment your human resource department, or assemble the right mix of talent and resources necessary to address your unique objectives.

What kinds of services do you offer?

Members provide a broad array of human resources services, including: audit, compensation and benefits, employee relations, outcomes measurement, performance appraisal, opinion research, organizational development, recruitment and selection, training and development, as well as workforce development services for state and local stakeholders.

We can become your human resources department for a period of time, augment your department, or assemble a best-of-practice team of professionals equipped to address your concerns.

Who helps me with my human resources challenges?

Managing Member Beyer and Integritas LLC® partners have over three decades of experience from which to draw in responding to your concerns. Beyer et al. address your issues personally. They leverage the full power of their experience, network, and expertise for you. For more information about Rick, click here.

What is your area of specialization?

Integritas LLC® specializes in leveraging business performance with human resources strategies. We identify human resources strategies for your business challenges and thus free you to accomplish mission critical objectives. Alliance members know how to integrate human resources strategies with your business plans and operations.

Why is your virtual business model optimally effective and economical?

First, you engage us only when you need us. We do not add to your overhead burden. Second, because our virtual business model reduces our overhead, we are able to provide valuable services, economically. Third, the market place, not a particular firm, is the ultimate repository of professional talent. The open architecture of our business model enables us to draw broadly from a marketplace of professional talent from many sources. All of the features of our business model accrue to your advantage — the Integritas LLC® advantage.

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