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Who we are and what we do

Integritas LLC® is a consulting company specializing in human resources strategies for business challenges. Our work product is characteristically whole, entire, and complete. It is carefully sculpted and strategically aligned to fit your mission-critical objectives.

Serving small- to medium-size businesses throughout Kansas and Missouri, Integritas LLC® provides fully integrated solutions which are carefully crafted to meet your needs. Members create and broker integral customer-centric solutions which are aligned to complement and augment the multifaceted aspects of your organization.

How brokering with our members works

We have more than 35 years of executive-level human resources experience and a rich network of relationships with consulting professionals who are able to deliver a complete array of human resources services. Collectively, this virtual team of consulting professionals is uniquely capable of providing thought leadership and sculpting integrated human resources strategies that are particularly relevant to your business context.

Integritas acts as a catalyst to acheive the results your organization requires.

Integritas LLC® serves as a provider-broker-catalyst in addressing your business challenges. Managing member Richard E. Beyer will thoughtfully assess your requirements and identify performance-enhancing human resources solutions custom designed for your situation.

We are a one-stop provider and integrator of service. Therefore, you do not have to determine whom to call for each separate requirement. Once a program of work has been identified, an alliance is formed with a consortium of consulting professionals blending the right mix of skills and experiences necessary to address your specific business objectives. This makes life easier and better for you.

Our business model is optimally effective and economical, too. We are able to offer one-stop service, an unusually diverse mix of talent, and just-in-time solutions with less overhead than more traditionally structured consulting firms.

Our experience and specialties

Beyer has more than three decades of senior level human resources experience. He is a general practitioner with professional credentials in human resources management. To learn more about Rick’s credentials, click here. He is a businessman who possesses a unique ability to listen and the insight necessary to understand the dynamics of your organization. His experience in applying human resources strategies to achieve better bottom line results enables him to offer you integrated custom-tailored solutions to address your business challenges.

Integritas LLC® does not offer retail “off-the-shelf” services. Strategic solutions are carefully crafted. They are a function of listening, assessment, thought leadership, and prudent application of the science and art of human resources management. Our virtual practice model enables us to provide service in nearly all areas of human resources management. We are your one-stop service provider — a catalyst for creative action and a value-added integrator of service. Our company makes things happen for you by assembling the best people at the right time to meet your specific needs.

We are capable of developing fully integrated performance-enhancing human resources services in a wide variety of areas, including:


Our situational assessments provide comprehensive feedback about the state of your human resources function. They provide a clear picture of where your human resources function is today in contrast to where you want it to be tomorrow. Our strategic planning services provide a blueprint for success.

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Change and Transition Management

Integritas LLC® consultants are prepared to lead companies through change and transition. Our methodology reduces change and transition risks and increases your probability of success. We help your associates keep their eyes on the customer and on winning business while everything around them is changing. The emphasis is on developing systems and structures that bring about change in a disciplined manner. We lessen the drama and trauma of those experiencing the emotional roller-coaster effects of these dynamics.

Compensation and Benefits

Members provide a wide array of services ranging from executive compensation plans to salary and benefit programs as well as total reward systems. We work to ensure that pay is tied to performance outcomes and that you achieve an optimal return on the dollars invested in compensation.

Employee Relations

Our team can help you connect with your team and tap into their extra or discretionary effort. We teach leaders and managers to exhibit more of the highly effective relationship-management behaviors that are inextricably linked to high performance organizations. Members are also adept at developing personnel policy, addressing human resources compliance issues, and resolving conflict by engaging in alternative dispute resolution strategies.

Outcomes Measurement

Measuring outcomes is the best way to determine progress toward strategic objectives. Integritas LLC® partners develop dashboard-style gauges and metrics to provide necessary information about the performance characteristics of your human resources organization.

Opinion Research

We check the pulse of your organization by conducting focus groups and attitude surveys which produce vital information about the quality of work life in your company. Equipped with this information, we work with you to augment the strengths in your company’s work environment while overcoming development needs.

Organizational Development

Structure drives behavior and behavior drives results. Our team can assist you in streamlining and developing your organization for optimal performance.

Performance Appraisal

Our partners are able to custom design a system that is just right for your particular needs. We recommend a variety of elements including position charters, performance outcomes, metrics, and assessment tools. These provide people with specific feedback, help them grow, and tie pay and reward systems to performance.

Recruiting and Selection

Our team has the know-how to help you develop employment plans which enable you to clearly determine how many and what kind of people your organization needs to hire. Once we determine the demand side of the equation, we help develop sourcing strategies that will ensure you a ready-to-work supply of talent. We also provide assessment and placement services to improve the accuracy of your selection decisions.

Strategic Planning

Our model takes the client through a process of situational assessment, success drivers, and strategies to achieve the desired outcome. These services complement our audit services and enable clients to determine exactly how to take their organizations from where they are today to where they want them to be tomorrow.

Training and Development

The Integritas LLC® team is prepared to address the learning requirements of your organization. We are adept at helping companies develop orientation programs, on-the-job training, sales training, leadership training, change and transition management training, and many other types of professional training and education.

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Workforce Development

Our expertise and focus extends beyond the concerns of individual companies and includes state labor economic issues, particularly as they relate to workforce development. We are experienced and knowledgeable in statewide workforce development services pertaining to conflict resolution, employment and training, electronic job exchange, legal and compliance, labor market information and statistics, unemployment insurance and call center operations, workers compensation, and a myriad of other areas. Consultants work with state and local stakeholders to build better labor exchange systems. We improve labor exchange systems to expedite employment and cultivate the supply of ready-to-work talent required to fuel commerce.